Jo’burgs First Ever Bicycle Map: Launched!


On Saturday 14 March 2015, the Johannesburg Urban Cyclists Association (JUCA) celebrated a first for the city: the launch of the first ever Johannesburg Commuter Bicycle Map. Speakers at the launch included Rehana Moosajee, Gauteng MEC for Roads & Transport, Ismal Vadi, and David du Preez.

Here is a short clip of the MEC’s speech:

The map shows safer, quieter and least hilly cycling routes through the City. Showing the new bicycle lanes built by the City, as well as those that will be built over the next year, the map also includes sites of interest, such as public swimming pools, markets and parks, and key public transport nodes (such as train stations). The aim of the map is to show that it is possible to cycle around Johannesburg, and to encourage people to try cycling as a transport option.

The map will be distributed for free at tourism agencies, cycling shops, universities, public offices and elsewhere. People can also request copies of the map by contacting JUCA .

The launch of the commuter map is a significant achievement and testimony to the power of partnership. First conceived of by a JUCA, the 100 kilometers of routes on the map were voluntarily tested by a number of experienced commuter cyclists, who gave of their time and energy to test-ride all the routes.

The map also includes journey time estimates. For example, to cycle from Westbury to the CBD, it takes 40 minutes there and 45 minutes back for a cyclist of average fitness and experience.

The map is currntly only available in print form. Please contact us to get your copy.

The production and printing of the map was made possible by sponsors, the University of the Witwatersrand and Levi Commuter, as well as the in-kind input of mapping and design expertise from Esri South Africa and The Content Bar respectively.

“For a community based organization this is a significant milestone”, said David Du Preez, Chairperson of JUCA. “We are very proud of this achievement, and believe that many commuter cyclists – existing and future – will find our map very useful. In the future we hope to develop an mobile digital app based on this map, in order to make it even more accessible.”

Below are some images from the launch of the map.

Our thanks to Whippet Cycling for hosting our launch outside their shop, and all who came to celebrate with us.